Fail Forward

Fail Forward.

Take a second to think about a time where you started to become over-critical of yourself. This can be at a social gathering, a performance event, or even being over-critical of your own emotions. Then ask yourself, Why were you so caught up in what “should” have happened?, How we “should have” felt? Why our initial plan became “lesser than” just because it wasn’t successful immediately.

There is a difference between striving for growth versus not allowing ourselves any room for error. We grasp so hard onto expectation; expectations that we have full control over. We become so overly protective of who we want to portray ourselves to be that we forget we are human. That being said, we will always have an objective but give yourself permission to be imperfect. How we fail is how we “fail forward”. And if you fail, you tried.

This week, evaluate the above questions when you find yourself discouraged with your performance (mental or physical). Then ask yourself, Am I trying MY best or am I comparing to others? When no one is looking, am I making decisions that will shape me into who I want to be? If the answer is yes, give yourself some grace and patiently keep chipping away at your growth. If the answer is no, identify a reasonable explanation of what “your best” means to you and ask yourself

“What can i do to get there?”.