Foundations Class

$49 (free with 12 month contract)
Durring the Foundations class, we begin by going over nutrition. We discuss what you have eaten over the last 3 days and give feedback on what you can do to improve.
We then perform a mobility assessment to identify any areas that may cause issues if not taken care of.
After that we warm up and perform your first workout! This is a baseline test that does NOT require you to be in good shape, it is just something that you can measure against in the future as your fitness improves.
After your workout we will do some stretching and recovery, then answer any questions you might have before starting beginer classes.

Primal Bootcamp Classes

What are Primal Bootcamp Classes?

These classes combine aerobics, functional movements, gymnastics and strength training to create a vigorous workout routine that will get you in shape faster then you could ever imagine. We focus on getting people to move like nature inteded, and with no limitations.This is a great option for those that are new to high intensity workouts but want to be pushed hard to get results.

Over the course of 1 hour you will be led through a dynamic warm up, prepped and informed for the days movements, put through a high intensity workout, then led through mobility to help with recovery and injury prevention.

We use sandbags, dumbbells, plyometrics, bodyweight movements, running, rowing, kettlebells, sleds, medicine balls and MUCH MORE to create well balanced, high intensity workout that will get you fitter and healthier than ever.

What is the difference between Bootcamp classes and CrossFit classes?

Bootcamp/Beginner CrossFit classes are very similar to regular CrossFit classes. The major difference is that CrossFit uses heavy barbell work (Olympic lifting) and Primal Bootcamp does not. Our goal in the Primal Bootcamp classes is to create healthy indeviduals that can lift, climb, crawl, run, and move through space with control efficiency. While Olympic lifting is a great way to build strength and fitness, it’s highly technical and requires quite a bit of practice and some strength training. We actually require Primal Bootcamp for 1 month for everyone to get ready for CrossFit. Whether you are looking to start CrossFit or just stay with Primal Bootcamp to get in amazing shape, these classes are perfect for you!

You still get all the quality with Bootcamp:

With Bootcamp/Beginner CrossFit classes you still get the quality coaching, community, and intensity you get with our regular CrossFit classes. Our coaches are all CrossFit certified, highly trained coaches with loads of experience. The team atmosphere and community you get from these group classes will keep you coming back. The intensity is where you find the results, and we know how to get intensity out of everyone. Whether you are a grandparent or a collegiate athlete, your individual version of intensity will get you fit.

Wellness Services: Massage Therapy with Steph Bedaw

Regular massage therapy can go a long way toward helping athletes stay in top shape, recuperate quicker, and perform better. CrossFit Nashua is pleased to be able to offer the therapeutic massage services of NH Licensed Massage Therapist, Stephanie Bedaw.

Steph comes to us by way of Hesser College in nearby Manchester. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Steph specializes in a number of massage “modalities” including myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage, ROM, hot stone, and Swedish massage.

She recently added Thai Yoga Massage to her list of modalities and it is out of this world for working out those knots and stretching out those tight muscles during post workout recovery periods.

Visit Steph’s website at Progressive Rehab Massage Therapy…

Contact Steph Bedaw by phone or text at (603) 831-1877.

Ask about first timer discounts. Members of any CrossFit box qualify for a discounted rate!

Nutrition Services:

Real food for Real Health: A nutrient rich diet is not only important for a healthy life BUT is critical to your success as a Crossfit athlete. Nutrition is one of the most important, most difficult, and most overlooked aspects of health and fitness. The healthiest way to meet your nutritional needs is to simply eat a diet rich in whole foods.

Following the Crossfit pyramid, your foundation for strength, stamina, and continued success starts with nutrition. Through our Foundations class for new members, we explain the value of colorful carbohydrates, getting good sources of fats and protein, while limiting highly processed packaged foods and refined sugars. Individual consultations and programs are available. Working together we can create an individualized plan that will help you reach your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals.

Call (603) 595-6400 to schedule your first free consult!

Couch To CrossFit: At-Home Workouts

Information regarding our new “try it at home” CrossFit workout program is coming soon. We wanted to start to let the word out so we posted this article and the slide which brought you here.

Please check back on Monday, June 20th for full details.

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