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Scaling: What’s Best for your Fitness

Two little letters. Two letters of a twenty-six letter alphabet that seem to take up an incredible amount of real estate in the minds of crossfitters everywhere: Rx. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of performing a workout “Rx”, especially when it seems like everyone around you is able to except for …
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Nothing works unless you do; why goal setting is important

Nothing works unless you do; why goal setting is important You’ve often heard one of your coaches ask you about your goals. Sometimes it’s a daily discussion involving the WOD and sometimes it’s to help an athlete find a long term focus. Either way, goal setting is an important part of Crossfit and your success …
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Top 5 CrossFit Shoes

#1 AND #2 TIE – The Inov8 F-lite 235 V2, and the F-lite 250. Fit: 10 Performance: 10 Value: 9 These are just the perfect shoe for CrossFit. They are the lightest CrossFit shoe out there, and ergonomically the best for running. The soles are supportive enough where I also enjoy lifting in them. The …
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Couples That Workout Together…

For the rest of February, CrossFit Nashua is offering a couples discount to get you and your partner in the best shape of your lives! Sign-up for your first class HERE and receive the second persons 1st month FREE, then $50 off every month after that! Just mention this promotion when you sign up, and …
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