Month: September 2016

160930- “The Punisher”

  Warm Up: 5 mins cardio on your own 2 Rounds: 20 Jumping Squats Inchworm w/pushup Sideswing -flache Burpee broad jump Skill/Strength: 5 mins to build to 80% then 6 Rounds- Every 2 mins perform 2 Front squats “The Punisher”: 3 Rounds for time/15min Cut-off: Rx: 3 Muscle-ups 6 O/H Squats (135/95) 9 Bar Facing …
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160929- WOD

Warm Up: 5 mins cardio on your own Dynamic Warm-up   Skill/Strength: 5×5 Strict Press   WOD: 21,15,9 RFT: Comp: Push Press (115/85) Sit-up Box Jump RX: Push Press (95/65) Sit-up Box Jump Scaled: Push Press (50%) Sit-up Box Jump   Mobility: Shoulder LAX Wall glute DD/Cobra

160927- “Fit Test”

  Warm Up: 5 mins cardio on your own Dynamic warmup   Skill/Strength: Proper push-up   “Fit Test”: 500m Row 40 Air Squats 30 Sit-ups 20 Push-ups 10 Pull-ups   Post WOD Strength EMOM 10 H.P. Snatch + 3 Overhead Squats   Mobility: Quad Lax Trap LAX Pec ART

160926- “DVB”

Officer David Vanbuskirk, 36, of Henderson, Nevada, was killed on July 23, 2013, when he fell during a nighttime aerial rescue mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vanbuskirk had been employed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 1999 and joined the elite Search and Rescue Team in 2007. Vanbuskirk is survived by his wife, …
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    Warm Up: Dodge Ball- Red/Orange= 5 Burpees Blue/Purple= 10 Jumping Jacks Green/Yellow= 15 Air Squats   “CFN Represent” In teams of 2, 1 person working at a time: 500 Double Unders 400 Air squats 300 Sit-ups 200 Push-ups 100 Pull-ups 1mile run   Mobility: Calf LAX Quad/Glute LAX Pec LAX

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