Month: May 2016

160531 – WOD

    Warm up: 5 Mins Cardio Lateral Drills Tng Power Clean Breakdown   Skill/Strength: Black: EMOMx10 3 TNG Power Clean Red: 5×5 Strict Press   WOD: 60 Sit-ups 40 Cal Row 20 Burpees Over Rower 30 Sit-ups 20 Cal Row 10 Burpees Over Rower   Mobility: Couch Spine Roll DD/Cobra

160530 – “Murph”

(Compare to 140526, 150625) ATTENTION: Memorial Day hours will be 9am and 10:30am only. Regular hours will return on Tuesday. WOD – “Murph” Rx: For time:  1Mile Run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Air Squats 1 Mile Run *With 20lb vest or body armor Scaling options: 1st option is no vest 2nd option is to partition …
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160528 – Sat WODs

    9am WOD: Part A) In Teams of 3, AMRAP 12: 15 Thrusters 15 Pull-ups *While max Cal Row Part B) 1200M Sandbag Carry *2 Sandbags between 3 people   11am WOD: 12 Min AMRAP: 15 Thrusters 15 Pull-ups 15 Sit-ups 200M Run

160527 – WOD

    Warm up: 5 Mins Cardio Dynamic Warm-up   Skill/Strength: Black: 5×3 Push Press Red: 4×6 Pull-ups   WOD:  12, 9, 6 Reps for time Rx: Deadlifts (225/155) Burpees Over Bar Cal Row Scaled: Deadlifts (65%) Burpees Over Bar Cal Row Competition: Deadlifts (315/225) Burpees Over Bar Cal Bike   Mobility: Glute LAX Shoulder …
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160526 – “Nancy”

    Warm up: 5 Mins Cardio Deadbug PVC Warm up   Skill/Strength: Black: 6×1 O/H Squat Red: 30 Mins MOB   WOD: “Nancy” 5 Rounds for time: Rx: 400M Run 15 O/H Squats (95/65) Scaled: 300M Run 15 Front Squats (75/55) Competition: 400M Run 15 O/H Squats (115/75)   Mobility: Calf Pole Rear Delt …
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