Month: April 2015

150501 –“Fight Gone Bad”

  (Compare to 131216, 130417, & 140630)   Warm up: 3 Min Double-unders Shoulder Rotations   Skill/Strength: Black: 5×2 Strict Press @85% (max reps last set)   WOD – “Fight Gone Bad” 3 Rounds, rotate each minute for max reps. Wallball Shots SDHPs (75/55) Box Jump (24/20) Push Press (75/55) Row for calories Rest   …
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Abundance Mentality

“The lessons learned through physical training are unavoidable. The character traits required and developed though physical training are universally applicable to all endeavors. Perseverance, industry, sacrifice, self-control, integrity, honesty, and commitment are best and easiest learned in the gym.”    I was listening to a podcast that talked about abundance vs. scarcity mentality and thought …
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150430 – WOD

  Warm up: Lateral Drills Squat Therapy Clean Breakdown   Skill/Strength: Black: EMOM 8min 3 Back Squats @60%+10lbs Red: 5×2 Snatch   WOD: 5 Min AMRAP: Squat Cleans Competition: (225/155) Rx: (185/125) Scaled: (@70% or 1RM clean)   Cashout: Sleds.   Mobilty: Quad/IT FR Piriformis Stretch Trap LAX

150429 – WOD

  Warm up: Shoulder Progression Crabwalk Soccer Sprint @ 80%   Skill/Strength: Black: 6x200M Sprints Red: 6×3 Box Jump   WOD: Competition: 21, 15, 9 HSPUs Ring Dips Push-ups *1000M Row after the 21s *400M Run after the 15s *50 Double-unders after the 9s RX: 15, 12, 9 HSPUs Ring Dips Push-ups *1000M Row after …
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150428 – “Nancy”

  Warm up: PVC Warm up Ham Band   Skill/Strength: Black: 3×10 @75% Deadlift Red: 5×2 Weighted Pull-up   WOD: – “Nancy” 5 Rounds for time: 400M Run 15 O/H Squats *Competition: (115/85) *Rx: (95/65) *Scaled: Goblet Squats   Mobility: Spine Roll Calf Smash Couch

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